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Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis. Promise of Second Marriage in Horoscope. Suicide in Vedic Astrology. A Worst Conjunction — Rahu Jupiter. Medical Astrology and Rahu Ketu transit — Maitreya Muhurtham to Planetary Transit Jun 12, Jun 7, Jun 1, Ashwin Rawal Oct 2, 0.

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Jupiter Transit Jupiter Transit. Pt Shakti Shiromani Shukla May 14, 0. Jupiter is considered most auspicious planet among all planets. Three nakshtras Punarvasu, Vishakha and…. Jul 9, Jul 8, Prev Next. Prev Next 1 of 4. Astrology Articles Marriage. Kadam Chandran 2 months ago 0. Ashwin Rawal 4 months ago 0. Ashwin Rawal 7 months ago 0.

Ashwin Rawal 1 year ago 0. Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Jul 20, Apr 29, Auspicious Muhurat. Oct 8, May 19, Oct 15, Oct 12, Apr 18, Apr 11, Folkways and traditions. Children and animals. Creative genius. Thula Relationships. Religion and prayer. Tenacity, discipline, ambition, reputation.

Society at large. Eccentricity and insight. The cutting edge. Dreams and spiritual guidance. The veil. The Planets The Ascendant Lagna The constellation rising in the east at the moment of birth. The physical form: body. The Moon Chandra Psychological and emotional needs. Rhythmic patterns. Parents, schooling, habits and customs. Neurosis, aversion, attachment, grasping. Compassion, nurturing, empathy. Mind: feelings, senses, Exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio. Views Rahu as an enemy. The Sun Surya The positive will or intention. Intelligence, brilliance, heart.

Male energy, father, step-father. Ego, personality, public role. The eyes - windows to the soul. The sun sign is the environment where one seeks to be center of attention, and the social relationships where Exalted in Aries, debilitated in Libra. Views Saturn and Venus as enemies. Mercury Budha Language and communication.

Impressionability and adaptability. Consultations and cooperations.

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Speaking, thinking, writing, gestures. Transmission, transportation, transition, cohorts and co-workers, conversations, merchandise, marketing, and mercantilism. The logical mind is your servant, do not be its slave. Exalted in Virgo, debilitated in Pisces. Views Moon as an enemy. Venus Shukra Beauty, luxury, liaisons, pleasure, relationships. The money and the honey. Beauty, elegance, grace, treasures, capital wealth, food and drink, sweets, love-making. Brokerage, bargaining, negotiation, ornamentation, design, counseling and advising, promises, agreements, matchmaking and deal-making, contracts and alliances.

Addiction and dissipation, prostitution. Exalted in Pisces, debilitated in Virgo. Views Moon and Sun as enemies. Mars Mangala Drive, ambition, vital force.

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Athleticism, challenge, competition. Aggression, violence, anger, warfare. Fighting, cooking, weapons, adventure, theft, police, firefighters and military, injuries and accidents, blood and the skull. Industry, manufacturing, power, machinery. Domination, primacy. He who angers you controls you. Exalted in Capricorn, debilitated in Cancer. Views Mercury as an enemy. Jupiter Guru Magnificence. Social and intellectual, spiritual and divine guidance.

Optimism, embrace and acceptance, unconditional love, abundance, fertility, wisdom, largesse, generosity, virtue. Indicates the talents, gifts and privileges stored up in the karmic accounts from generous deeds in past lives and this one.

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Relaxed and confident, compassionate. City and state. Sons and teachers. World travel. Can cause weight gain. Exalted in Cancer, debilitated in Capricorn. Views Mercury and Venus as enemies. Saturn Shani Oppression, fear.

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Hard work. Time, ageing. Bones and skeleton. Rules, laws, restraint, delays. Successful conclusions after a long, careful process. Marathons, commitments, feats of endurance. Duty and responsibility. Note: Saturnine afflictions are best treated with Venusian treatments. Exalted in Libra, debilitated in Aries. Views Moon, Sun and Mars as enemies.

Disturbs the moon, or mind. Neverending, relentless, insatiable. Releases subconscious desires. Ups and downs. Dramatic events. Taboo breaking or breakdown of moral codes. Remember the higher goals and see the forest for the trees. Above all, recognize that happiness cannot come from attaining anything external. Detachment, disconnection, and despair.

Absent, disinterested, disengaged, ethereal, severance, apathetic. Materially, dispersive and disorienting. Connotes ignorance, frustration and despair. Spiritually, simplifying and freeing of pretension. Connotes knowledge of impermanence and increased sensitivity to others. Detaches one from the ego. Lunar Mansions Nakshatra There are 27 nakshatra in the zodiac. Each of the nine planets rules three nakshatra. Each nakshatra has a ruling deity, and a power that the native gains from having the moon in that nakshatra.

The Houses Bhava The personality shell. Physique, appearance, intellect, vitality, innate nature. The sign rising in the east at birth is the beginning of the life cycle; all others follow on the chart according to their Kendra Quadrant positions in the zodiac. Kona Trine Dharma Path House 2 Dhana Bhava Treasury, storage, hoard. Capital, pleasures, collections of value, food, wealth. Face, mouth, teeth, eyes, speech and song. Family history. Second marriage. The lord of this house is an indicator of the time of death.

Maraka Death Artha Resources House 3 Sahaja Bhava Cohorts, coworkers, siblings and cousins, communications, teamwork, meetings, messaging. Short-term travels. Advertising, administration, and the marketplace. The hands, manual skills. Communication skills. Here, kama means the human desire to communicate and connect with others. House 4 Bandhu Bhava Roots, security, place, protection, home, foundations, belongings. Mother and relatives. Lands, buildings, real estate. Folkways, culture and customs.

Rhythms and routines. Kendra Quadrant Moksha Liberation House 5 Putra Bhava Creative intelligence. Children, genius, creation. Romantic love.

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Wealth from speculation. Fame and luck. Mantra and devotion. Beneficial placements in this house indicate past-life merits. House 6 Ari Bhava Ministries of service. Critical thinking. Medicine and ministry. Disease, disagreements, dishonesty, distrust, disputes.

Enemies, and friends. Health, and illness. Debts and sorrows. When unconscious, results in argumentation and adversity. When conscious, its energies can be directed to caring for the sick, exploited and conflicted, in medicine, law and the military. House 7 Yuvati Bhava Yokes. Contracts, alliances, partnerships.

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Marriage as social contract. The first spouse. Fairness, value, worth. The opposite polarity to the self. House 8 Randhra Bhava The revolving door. Death, rebirth, reinvention. Occult, clouded, mysterious, secret. Sudden disruptions and disasters. Surprises, catastrophes, collapses. Hidden wealth. Death of spouse. Truth suddenly revealed. Affairs and secret liaisons. The cycles of birth and death. Spiritual revelations, tantra, shamanism. Dussthana Suffering Moksha Liberation House 9 Dharma Bhava Philosophical guidance, sacred teachings, wisdom teachings.

Temples, universities, sacred places, priesthood. Patriarchy, public ceremonies. House 10 Karma Bhava Titles, seniority, respect. The law. Leadership, career, ability to govern, order. Reputation, vocation, profession. Public approval and stature. Statutory law, regulations, policies. Work duties. Social Kendra Quadrant dignity. Upachaya Improvement Artha Resources House 11 Labha Bhava Goals, network, empire.