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Otherwise, you would lack the maturity to deal with life in general. March is Clean Up Time. A Yod pattern is a bit more connected than a quincunx as it has a sextile aspect as part of the pattern, and which can facilitate communication and bring in opportunities. Astrology summit 2. Of further serious weight in is transiting Pluto once more demanding his pound of flesh in late January to early February also, throughout.

That stellium — Uranus, Neptune, North Node and until a month or so earlier, Saturn — saw the end of the Soviet Union and the start of the rise of Chinese economic power. Remember it is not a yearly event, so don't miss this opportunity for amazing rituals, deep learning, and dialogue. You'll increasingly notice the Horoscopes and Daily Mystic email referring to it so what is it exactly? In January The most interesting thing is the Sun will also be making an exact conjunction to those two planets, at 22 degrees Capricorn. Working With The Shadow Intentionally Our darkness, our shadow parts, are mostly an undesirable topic, one that most choose to avoid.

Corbyn and McDonnell both lack water in their natal charts but it is overflowing in the composite chart. It is a powerful technique for examining the themes and issues that will arise for you during your solar year - the year that runs from birthday to birthday. Acker January 22, In this document i will cover the major outer planet aspects and transits through the Signs through the next 11 to 12 years from Pluto through Saturn, as well as other significant factors.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 2013

Hi Yonela, it also depends what houses, i. In his song, That's Life, Frank Sinatra looks back on his life, and croons about who he might have been in a past life: I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate 1. A sort of clarity would be achieved in your path as the year advances. Saturn officially leaves Capricorn December 17th of , almost 3 years after the ingress Saturn will move into Aquarius for few months, from March to July Wherever this stellium is situated, this is an area where the spotlight can find you, whether you want it or not.

The year blazes with energy, challenges, and opportunities of the most practical and far-reaching kind. Our synastry reports look like the the first 50 pages of this sample. Sustainable Purchasing: Supplier assessment is a priority.

Scorpio Monthly Astrology Forecast January 2018

Stellium Operations Limited was set up on Thursday the 2nd of July Discover the celebrity horoscopes most clicked on yesterday by the visitors. Sasstrology offers personalized compatibility reports by Astrolabe, a respected astrology software company that has been in business for over 30 years. The last time there was a major stellium in Capricorn was the year and lasted until about Artwork and hobbies are expressed with drama, intensity, and even heaviness. Llewellyn's Magical Mystical Cats Calendar. Saturn officially leaves Capricorn December 17 th of , almost 3 years after the ingress Saturn will move into Aquarius for few months, from March to July Description Source More information.

Thus, the South Node represents subconscious motivations that stem from the past and to which there is an inner inclination to cling although they may no longer be relevant or ap. I was born on Xmas day '88 and have a whole stellium in my first house. It is casting a powerful beams on what will not serve you. Currently at the tail end of my Saturn return, but I suspect this mega conjunction in will affect me deeply. Free birth chart analysis available from this page. With this dose of humility in mind, we know that we have about five more tricky years ahead of us, , which I discussed in my network in detail, with very diverse challenges, risks and some dangers inherent, but we see also phenomenal opportunity and chance coming our way, if we care to focus on solutions and not on problems.

Pluto symbolism in. With Jupiter in Sagittarius,. With so many planets in Capricorn - the sun, Venus, Pluto soon to be joined there by Mercury and Saturn - Olivia Pepper warns that we may be feeling some tough love from the cosmos. Stellium Ltd is an active company incorporated on 7 January with the registered office located in Plymouth, Devon. Self-determination means an identity imagined free from the gaze of others, liberated from the prison of perception, reasoned outside the parameters of personal bias and judgement.

Saturn and Pluto are the heavyweight champions of astrology. This is the time for putting more effort into doing something well.

Full Moon Meaning

Saturn will oppose those composite planets in Cancer end of , early and later again in Analysis of the Yod The Yod is a tricky, but very rewarding formation to study because it offers so much potential insight for self-discovery and learning. Last statement dated 25 February But remember that correct house placement in any horoscope is dependent on having an accurate birth time. By , the report estimates, the percentage of eligible voters who fall into the category of "white without a college degree," will drop by 2 points, from 46 percent in to 44 percent.

Some of the most extraordinary and famous people were born with a strong 8th house or a Stellium, and they probably mastered their hidden potential — no doubt! So take a look at your chart once again and see what your 8th house reveals about your secret power in your relationship with this world and its inhabitants.

Uranus in 4th House By astrologyplace June 30, The planet of Uranus often breaks with the tradition and blood ties are not as important, in the sense that the family of origin could involve a step family, members living apart, or something unconventional in the background.

This book is dedicated to my beloved friend, Lynne Herlacher, for understanding and enjoying every part of me, including the bitchy ones, and for 20 years of laughter, heart to. Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn in Libra in may actually trigger the commencement of some of these "break-up" changes that may conclude in , Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Las figuras en las que aparece la luna no se analizan, ya que ocurren durante pocas horas.

The focus is now on balance—finding balance and harmony through relationships and art. We weight both sides of any situation, and sometimes this process seems endless! On the shadow side, when challenged, Libra can be self-serving, indecisive, passive-aggressive, or superficial. The Moon spends today in the sign of Cancer, and we seek out familiarity, safety, and quiet.

A Venus-Ceres aspect coming into play today suggests we can be feeling pleasantly attached to others. We find it more comfortable than usual to nurture and support people in our lives. Mercury forms a quincunx to Neptune this morning and then creates a sextile with Jupiter later today. We may be wavering due to uncertainty this morning as it can be challenging to combine logic and intuition cohesively.

Or, the tendency to daydream comes at the expense of productivity and clear communication. There can be some mental disorganization to manage. The Mercury-Jupiter influence helps us put things into perspective, although it does also encourage reaching beyond our usual boundaries.

Our minds open to possibilities. We can be particularly patient and fair with one another—today can be a good time to come to a mutually beneficial agreement or arrangement. The Moon in Leo brings out our desire to entertain and share. However, some tough aspects today suggest self-consciousness.

There can be challenges related to hanging on to old habits that may be preventing us from growing, improving, and thriving. We should watch for sticking with the familiar only for fear of change. Fear of quiet, intimacy, spending more time with loved ones, family, and ourselves may be the issues at this time, in part because these things take us away from our ambitions and work which feel a little safer or more measurable for the time being, somewhat ironically. We may be assessing whether or not our relationships are supporting our personal growth. Gaining what we want is challenging now, possibly due to negative expectations or a tendency to need more than what is currently, and realistically, possible.

There may be a lesson or reality check when it comes to matters of the heart, pleasures, or finances. Mercury forms a square to Pluto and can stimulate suspicions. There can be tense communications.

The Astrology of Year 12222

We can become obsessed with getting our message across and for others to agree with our ideas. We should avoid attempts to force our opinions on others and strive to maintain an open mind. Even so, this influence can suggest the ability to engage in in-depth, penetrating communication. Ideally, we learn more about our vulnerabilities through our reactions. With a Sun-Chiron opposition, the desire to learn and grow through experiences and others is strong but may be hampered by a lack of confidence or a fear of being different.

We may not be seeing eye to eye, and lack of faith in our own decisions is possible. We might also be so concerned with keeping others happy that we are afraid to assert our desires.

Grand Sextile/Star of David, July 29 - Astrology readings and writings by Lynn Hayes

However, this is also a time for seeing something important about ourselves. Again, we have something to learn from our reactions and sensitivities today. The Virgo Moon is particular and analytical. Uncertainty in Venus-ruled areas of life romance, social life, and finances can be a theme today, however. A Venus-Neptune quincunx suggests some struggle between wanting to see things realistically and preferring to look the other way or nurture a fantasy.

There can be some insecurity or doubts about others or our own feelings and perceptions under this influence. In fact, with the Moon Balsamic and the New Moon occurring tomorrow, this is a good time to slow down, unwind, and decompress. The New Moon in Libra tomorrow afternoon can act to redirect our interests and focus.

The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the Scales. With this potent Libra energy, we have the chance to make valuable changes in our lives. Venus, the ruler of Libra and this New Moon, forms a sextile to Jupiter today, and we are in a particularly good place for cooperation.

This is also a favorable transit for entertaining and socializing, as well as financial and commercial endeavors. Disrupted plans or schedules may be part of the picture now, and they throw us off-center a little more than usual.

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Our basic instinct is to communicate, think, and learn under the influence of Moon in Gemini. We are motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. The Moon in Gemini is light-hearted, breezy, and curious, but it can also be restless and fickle. The Moon in Gemini generally favors the following activities: Mental and communicative actions, and more than one activity at once. Reading, learning, letters and emails, errands, writing, teaching, making connections, short trips. The restlessness of the Gemini Moon gives way to an instinctive need for peace and quiet.

A feeling of belonging and safety is what motivates us under this influence. The Moon feels right at home in the sign of Cancer, as it rules the sign. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular by nature, our feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates us. The Moon in Cancer generally favors the following activities: Domestic activities, those that involve awareness of personal needs. Home decor, family get-togethers.

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The Moon in Leo speaks to our "inner child". It's a warm, generous, whole-heartedly loving position. Pride keeps us from pettiness, but it can also prevent us from opening up and revealing how we are truly feeling. We are on stage, our feelings are grand, and we appreciate some drama in our lives. We are easily threatened by anything that seems to be impersonal. This is a time when we seek attention--when we want to stand out for our special qualities.

12222 Planetary Overview

It's a strong time for romance and any creative activity as well. The Moon in Leo generally favors the following activities: Creative activities, activities involving children, generous undertakings, undertakings in which personal recognition is desired, and risk-taking. We instinctually gravitate towards practical activities under the influence of a Virgo Moon.

In an urge to set things right, we might easily find ourselves re-organizing and rethinking plans. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others. Health matters might come into focus.


We notice the smaller parts that make up the whole, and instead of letting nagging details bother us, we might work on ironing them out so that we can feel more confident moving ahead. The Moon in Virgo generally favors the following activities: Mental pursuits, work activities, services, and routines. Activities that would benefit from tending to details. Creating order is the focus, not necessarily through tidying or organizing as was the case while the Moon was in Virgo, but rather through pleasing interactions with others and aesthetics in our environment. We tend to solve problems through diplomacy, and we are more able to put aside our own emotions in order to achieve the peace we crave.

The tendency now is to avoid direct confrontations. Decisions do not come easily. Seeing both sides to any given situation is the main reason for hesitation. Fear of losing others' approval is another. The Moon in Libra generally favors the following activities: Relationship and partnership issues, activities involving teamwork and cooperation, activities that involve self-examination, activities related to beauty.

You probably already have the grand ideals and visions: now you must get your hands dirty with the bricks and mortar and your mind busy with putting it all together. Relationships — romantic, business, social — are the arena where this drama is played out. In coming to know the other person, forging ties that bind two people, you come to a better understanding of yourself. Venus in Libra As this new cycle takes hold in your life, romance and social interaction take on greater importance for you.

This can be hard on the digestion if taken to extremes! Jupiter in Sagittarius Faith, optimism, and a yearning to explore all kinds of new horizons: these are some of the focal points in your life at this time. Travel, education, and other ways to stretch your horizons open new doors of opportunity. Religious, philosophical, and cultural matters are likely to have special appeal for you now; transmitting ideas on a broader scale brings gain. Saturn in Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life.

And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things. Taking innovative concepts and making them real and practical is your strong suit; getting stuck in the mud is to be avoided at all costs. Financial savvy, inventiveness, worldly genius. The fine arts and all manner of fantasies assume a larger-than-life importance.

This year is panic-stations on that chart with tr Neptune opposition Mars, extending through ; with an uncertain and tormented November and December this year as tr Neptune square Saturn brings neurotic fears of a total disaster. Plus tr Saturn dampening good feelings through till December as well. Where it really starts to rock on its foundations is from May as tr Uranus squares the Pluto. With a defensive Saturn on the Ascendant in self-righteous Sagittarius. In summary not bad for UK, though working with too many charts creates a muddle of too much data.

But UK is worth keeping an eye on. Neither is union leader Len McLuskey in good shape with similar. Keir Starmer, 2 September , looks on better form than most, despite some grind and groan and setbacks through this year and next. And nerves at twanging point early November to early December, again in February with tr Neptune opposition the composite Neptune. The entry of the Sun into Libra yesterday was generally considered the most important of the four Cardinal ingresses in the year.

How useful ingress charts are is a moot point, having been roundly dismissed by astrologers who studied them in depth across a range of events. The 10 th house covers Royalty and the government with Uranus suggesting change or at least tensions breaking out. Uranus is in a Fixed Grand Cross opposition Venus square Node opposition Mars — so a mix of excessively stubborn and disruptive. With a downbeat Sun Mercury square Saturn; and an over-hopeful Jupiter trine Neptune sextile Pluto with delusional Neptune in the 8 th house of international and business finances.

The previous late June Cancer Ingress for London has the head-in-the-clouds Jupiter Neptune even more strongly emphasised, all funneled through a controlling and uncompromising Pluto in the grandstanding 5th; with Neptune in the 7 th , suggesting lack of commitment to co-operative ventures and much miscommunication between partners. The upcoming late December Capricorn Ingress also has Neptune in the 7 th even more afflicted on the point of a T Square so more evasion, slipping and sliding.

Not much of a hint of a friendly hand-shake out of that. But interesting to see how they fit. Oscar-winning actress Sally Field, is another one out with a misery memoir replete with family drama and damaging adult relationships. She was born 6 November 4. Her mother was an actress with a drink problem who knowingly allowed her stepfather to abuse her for years. Sally started in television roles at 20 and, as with Jane Fonda, found her stride after meeting the acting coach Lee Strasberg. She garnered awards along the way for tv, film and stage performances and now directs as well.

Her much publicized relationship with Burt Reynolds was a nightmare — he took hysterical fits if she tried to talk about herself, refused to allow her to pick up her Emmy for Sybil and tried to prevent her playing Norma Rae for which she won an Oscar. She is a Sun Jupiter in Scorpio square Saturn Pluto in the 10 th , fitting her for tortured and bleak roles.

Her Sun square Pluto and Saturn would attract her to controlling partners who stamped on her self-worth. Her Uranus is unaspected so she would have difficulty finding an outlet for her rebellious spirit, or it would surface sporadically then disappear. Burt Reynolds always was a monstrously bad fit for her, though with her childhood abuse, not too surprising. Their relationship chart also has a cruel, cold composite Mars square Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Neptune. Lily Allen, a successful UK singer and TV presenter, has written a brutally honest over-sharing according to the Guardian memoir about her first 33 years.

Born 2 May , no birth time, in London to a film producer mother and a Welsh-comedian father who left when she was young, she appeared first on TV aged 3, attended 13 different schools and was expelled from two for drinking and smoking.